What is Hallo Share??

Hallo Shares is a free mobile multi-media chat application that lets you communicate and connect with friends anytime, anywhere.

Features of Hallo Share

  • Access from PC and mobile
  • Send a Video Message
  • Send file
  • Voice messaging
  • Scan the QRP code
  • Share places
  • Send a message Real-Time
  • Group chat
  • Group video call

Road Map

The Halloshare market is targeted mainly in North America, Europe, Africa and part of Asia.
Halloshare’s target audience is in two groups: (i) Age group 18-29 years, this age mainly uses OTT applications for messaging (more than 70%), and Video calling 70%), document sharing (30%). (ii) The second age group is 30-44 years old, using the Halloshare application for texting (60%), video calling (60%) and sharing of materials (60%).

Approach to African, Europe, South America and Asia markets
Run Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns

12/2019: Complete HalloShare App Ver 1.0.

Complete integration of Halloshare, Hallopay and eCommerce applications
Listed on the Nasdaq stock market of the United States

Growth Chart

12 million users will be released within the first 1.5 years after the ICO and continue to grow in the coming years. The total number of users will increase to 30.120.000 -> 120.000.000 through exploitation in the markets of Europe, Africa, South America. Asian markets will grow and develop monthly and annually

Benefits of using, investing

Benefits for use and investment Hallo Share app

Established in 2004, Stock prices was: 0.5$.
Went stock exchange in: 2012. Stock prices was: 42$.
In 2018: The stock price at between: 170 – 201$.

Established in 2009.
Facebook bought WhatsApp for US$19 billion in 2014.

Established in 2010.
Japan’s Rakuten bought chat app Viber for $900 million in 2014.

Established in 2018. Stock prices: 0.1$.
Go stock exchange: 2021.
Stock prices expected: 10$.